Alabama Power was ranked Top Utilities in Economic Development by Site Selection magazine. 


Providing reliable, affordable electricity for Mobile, Alabama Power has an abundant electric production capacity of over 6,000 MW with an expansive grid of 230 KV and 115 KV transmission lines in the Gulf Coast area.


The James M. Barry Electric Generating Plant is located on the Mobile River approximately 20 miles north of the City of Mobile. With 6 generating units and a total nameplate generating capacity of 2,370,000 kW this generating plant utilizes coal and natural gas. The Theodore Cogen Facility, located in the southern part of Mobile County, operates 1 generating unit with a total nameplate generating capacity of 273,870 kW and utilizes natural gas. 



Headquartered in Mobile, Uniti Fiber is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions, including cell site backhaul and small cell for wireless operators, and Ethernet, Wavelengths, and Dark Fiber for telecom carriers and enterprises. 


Fiber-optic connectivity is a great advantage to companies of all sizes, especially when using the cloud for apps or data storage. In addition to Uniti Fiber, AT&T Fiber, and C Spire Fiber are available throughout Mobile. 


Natural Gas 

Accessing four interstate pipelines, Mobile has an extensive natural gas infrastructure network spanning 100+ miles (160 km) of large-diameter pipelines that reliably serve the region. Local distribution companies include Spire Energy and CMC Gas.


Water + Sewer

Mobile Area Water & Sewer System (MAWSS) provides safe potable water and sanitary sewer services primarily serving the City of Mobile. Water is supplied from a 3,600 acre (1460 ha) reservoir, continually fed by groundwater, streams, and rainfall. 


Additional providers serve Mobile County. The Mobile County Water, Sewer, and Fire Protection Authority is one of the largest rural water systems in the State of Alabama serving southern Mobile County. Serving the western and northern parts of the County, South Alabama Utilities offers gas, water, and wastewater services. Le Moyne Water System serves the rural areas in the east-central part of the country operating three wells and three tanks. 


Regardless of your utility needs, we are confident our area providers can meet any project demand.