Mobile Workforce Metrics

Labor Participation Rate
May 2023–March 2024 (Labor Force ÷ Civilian Non-institutional Population) x 100

Unemployment Rate
June 2023–March 2024

Workforce by Age
Based on 187,139 workers in Mobile, AL. According to JobsEQ
Workforce Pipeline
Source: JobsEQ

Workforce Population Growth

Population 2014–2023. Source: Lightcast, WF
Workforce 2014–2023. Source: Lightcast, WF

Average Salary
Average Salary from Q3 2021 – Q4 2023 according to JobsEQ

Workforce Sector Breakdown

Workforce per Sector
Workforce per Sector for 2021 Q3 – 2023 Q4. Source: JobsEQ

Mean Hourly Wage per Sector
Mean Hourly Wage per Sector for 2023 Q4. Source: JobsEQ

Degrees Awarded in Mobile

Top 10 Degrees Awarded
Source: JobsEQ
Number of Degrees Awarded by Institution
Source: JobsEQ